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Summer Reading!

Summer is a great time to read! You can read something on the recommended reading list, or not. You can even listen to audiobooks.

Check out the BTHS Summer Reading Booklist!

Since reading time comes in limited supply, please be picky with your reading. To get you started with some ideas, check out the Summer Reading list on the BTHS website (up soon) or in the Sora Collections (even if you don’t want to read in Sora!): (DOE login and scroll down on Explore tab- binoculars).

Get personalized recommendations!

Another very exciting way to find great books to read is the Brooklyn Public Library Book Match! You don’t even need a library card!

You can give some information about what you like to read and media you watch and get a custom list of five recommendations!

Are you on Sora? If not, our library ebooks and audiobooks are there! Tutorial:

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