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Read and Listen


Search Our Catalog

Feel free to search our catalog to see what is in our physical collection. You are also welcome to browse in-person.


Browse Intelligently

Want to browse our library but not sure what all of those numbers refer to? Learn more about the Dewey Decimal Classifications! Bonus: most libraries use Dewey so if you know that you love books about Chemistry, for example, you can always head to the 540's (in any library!). 


What to Read

Visit Sora

Sora, a free ebook and audiobook platform (and app), is great for students because you can:

  • highlight and take notes on your books. You can download your notes even after book is returned.

  • easily maintain and keep track of booklists.

  • browse and search in multiple libraries at once.*

*Public library adult books are blocked for 9th and 10th graders on Sora. Please use SimplyE (and get a New York Public Library ecard while you are there) or for research, Libby.

Student holding a cell phone with Sora app visible

Sora Guide

Visit our Sora Tutorial for simple directions on how to use Sora:

  • login the first time.

  • Browse Brooklyn Tech's digital collection.

  • add a public library to your account and browse that library collection.

  • set audience preferences (teen and adult is our recommendation).

  • search across public library systems.

  • highlight and take notes, and download them even after you've returned your books.

  • Apply for public library ecards.

  • FAQ

**NOTE: When you use your school login, Brooklyn Tech Library is your default library. However, it will say "New York City Department of Education."


Librarian Recs

The librarians have created a number of curated collections on Sora. To find them, log in to Sora and go to the "explore tab" (the one that looks like binoculars) and make sure you are browsing the "Department of Education" collection.

We are also always happy to suggest specific titles, based on your interests and reading style.


Reach out to us at and tell us a bit about what you like to read, what you're looking for, or the last great book you read, so we can suggest some titles.

Ms. Ferguson Recommending Books

Book Match

Brooklyn Public Library (BPL) offers a book recommendation service called called Book Match.


Fill out a quick form and get some suggestions from their librarians: Book Match Form.

Collection Suggestions

Please recommend resources to us! (books, useful tech tools or websites, etc.)


We can't promise that we will be able to purchase everything suggested, but we will consider each resource carefully. 

Book and Material Requests

NYPL Picks

The New York Public Library has a list of their top staff picks. You can search titles by intended audience (adults, teens, kids). 

Student browsing manga in Brooklyn Tech

NPR Book Concierge

The Book Concierge is NPR’s annual, interactive, year-end reading guide. Mix and match tags such as Book Club Ideas or Biography & Memoir to filter results.


Bear in mind that this is a site designed for adult readers, so select titles that are best for you!

Read the New York Times

Access New York Times articles through the Gale Databases Direct Search. Search the title or author of the article to view full-text articles of the NY Times (no images).

Need a Public Library Card?


Student reading in Brooklyn Tech library

Public Library Cards

Getting a new public library card is easy. And as a New Yorker, you can get an ecard for all three library systems!

For all library systems, you have to be in New York State to get a card and must allow the library sites to see your location. If you on a computer and aren’t asked to share your location, check for blocked pop ups: click the red x that appears on the right side of the address (URL) bar, and adjust settings.

Email us if you need help with getting a public library card:


Don’t use commas or dashes in your address. Try using a phone or a different browser if you have trouble!




We recommend using Libby adult public library books.

For all library systems, you have to be in New York State to get a card and must allow the library sites to see your location.

  • On a phone you need to go to Settings, then Privacy, then Location Services (allow).   

  • On the computer you look for any blocked popups: click the red x that appears on the right side of the address (URL) bar, and adjust settings.

Having trouble? Google Chrome seems to work better than other browsers. If it's still glitching, try opening a new window, or try using a different device or browser.

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