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Raising Your Reading in 2023

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

It used to be the time of year for resolutions. Lately, it seems that resolutions have a bad rap for not helping and then people just feel bad for failing. What do you do if you want to read more in 2023?

Find fantastic things to read!

Ask your friends, classmates, teachers for suggestions. Check out these amazing interactive book lists: New York Public Library Best Books of 2022 (note that you can change year and target audience) and NPR Books We Love. Browse Sora’s Explore page (use your DOE login).

You can make sure you have good books available and on hand.

  1. You can always pop in to the library for five minutes to check out, return or renew a book, even if we are closed for a class (except period 3), or Tuesday after-school.

  2. If you are out and about and have some commute time or waiting for someone, you can always load up an ebook or audiobook version of your book on Sora (or if we don’t have your book, try Libby for a public library ebook/audiobook*).

Set aside a time

Maybe you can read on the train, unwind a bit with a book when you get home, or put it on your calendar or use your phone tools to serve as a reminder. Weekends and school breaks (Regent’s week time) can be great but you may need to add a little structure.

You can set a goal

Two great tools are the Goodreads book challenge (set a number of books for the year and the books will be tracked there for you and show you an end of year report) or the Book Riot Read Harder Challenge (a list of specific book categories to challenge you to read broadly with suggestions by category on the blog or in Goodreads or NYPL).

Join a book club or make your own with a friend or more…

Brooklyn Tech Library hosts book clubs each school break and there are a couple of clubs after school at Brooklyn Tech (search “book”). We have multiples of tons of ebooks on Sora.

Ms. Ferguson set the bar high this year–her goal is to read 50 books in 2023 including essays, graphic novels, manga, poetry, audiobooks, and the occasional cookbook. What might you set as your goal?

Let us know how we can help. Happy reading in 2023!

Ms. Ferguson, Ms. Drusin and Ms. Kaplan

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