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BTHS Library Launches Library of Things (LoT)

The Brooklyn Tech Library is delighted to offer a number of “things” available for loan to our staff and students. We already have a few non-traditional items that we loan out in the library, including textbooks and board games. We are expanding this “Library of Things” (LoT) to other objects that would support the academic/professional and recreational needs of our students and faculty.

We are adding a LoT for a number of reasons. Having a LoT provides access to materials patrons often cannot get in any other way. It builds community excitement (“can you believe that the library has THIS?!”), and it’s a way to help patrons access items that would otherwise be cost prohibitive. To give you a bit more context, Library of Things collections have been wildly successful at numerous library branches across the country, including our very own Brooklyn Public Library, where patrons can borrow instruments, electronics, electronic devices, or even seeds for gardens.

Learn more about our Library of Things items currently available for loan. This list will be updated as new items become available for loan. Families are also invited to donate items that can supplement our collection. Please fill out the Donation Form before sending items in. Thank you for your support!

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